Currently a group of us gather one weekend a month near Houston, Texas for training days. This usually falls to the third weekend of the month, but be sure to check the schedule to see if there have been any changes due to weather, holidays, or other events.

A few of the topics we cover here are gardening, homesteading, firearms training, medical, survival, bushcraft, camping trips, family BBQ’s, and more. Contact me for more information or for an invite.

More events are coming. Check back here for live updates. Thanks.

Next Event:

9/24/2022 – Bushcraft Trip – We will be practicing building fires and cooking over them. We will also be practicing making basic shelters. This trip will be located at the north end of Lake Conroe, near the Stubblefield Recreational Area.

Required gear – If you already have it

  1. Fire kit – We will be doing fire building races. No matches or lighters allowed, must harvest all tinder and fuel from the woods while we are there. (Ferro rod, magnifying glass, flint and steel, friction fire, etc are acceptable)
  2. Cooking kit – Container to cook over fire with and something to cook. (Ramen noodles or rice are popular for this practice)
  3. Edged tool – knife, axe, saw, machete, kukri, hatchet, tomahawk, whatever. Something to harvest kindling and fire fuel with.
  4. Bag or container to carry tinder and fuel along with fire kit, cooking kit, and shelter kit.
  5. Quality boots to hike through uneven terrain with, ankle support is recommended.
  6. Water to drink and water to cook with. Minimum of 1 cup to boil over fire.

Recommended – If time allows, we will also do some shelter building.

  1. Tarp and rope/550 cord.
  2. Stakes or edged tool to make stakes.
  3. Bug spray.
  4. Extra rope or 550 for camp projects.
  5. Hammock (if you usually do or plan to carry one).
  6. Compass and protractor – we will cover some basics of land navigation if time allows.

If you do not have some or all of these items, just bring some kind of bag or backpack, pocket knife, food, and water (I recommend ramen noodles, 3 water bottles). I can loan out some of my gear to those who need it when we get there. Don’t go buy stuff just to bring. I’d rather everyone save their money until after the event to buy what they actually want/need, not what they think they need.

For more info or to join us please send an email.

Future Events:

10/22-23/2022 – Waco Tactical Fitness Biathlon
11/19/2022 – TBD
12/10/2022 – TBD

To RSVP or ask a question about an event, drop me an email below.

Past Events:

9/10/2022 – Range Trip – Intro to Rifleman
8/20/2022 – 5 mile ruck in NW Houston
8/6/2022 – Range Day – Closed event for just Man Scouts
7/8-10/2022 – Private Event
6/12/2022 – Ruck Event – 4 Miles in NW Houston
5/22/2022 – Range Day
4/30/2022 – Waco Tactical Fitness Biathlon
4/23/2022 – Family BBQ
3/20/2022 – CTE (Critical Task Eval) Qualification
2/20/2022 – Marksmanship Fundamentals / Zeroing rifles
1/16/2022 – Multi Group hiking challenge
12/12/2021 – 2 man tactics and working from behind cover
6/12/2021 – Bushcraft make up trip
5/15/2021 – Bushcraft trip rained out due to week long heavy rains.
3/20/2021 – Victory Garden make up date
2/20/2021 – Victory Gardens – Postponed due to winter storm.
1/16/2021 – Radio Class
12/19/2020 – Marksmanship Fundamentals
11/14/2020 – Rifle/Pistol positional shooting
10/17/2020 – Rifle/Pistol Transitions
9/19/2020 – Gear Setup and working out the kinks
8/15/2020 – Concealed Carry
7/18/2020 – Small Unit Tactics 2
6/13/2020 – Small Unit Tactics 1
5/17/2020 – Pistol Advanced
4/19/2020 – Pistol Basics
3/29/2020 – Rifle Basics
2/16/2020 – Rifle Basics
1/12/2020 – Everyday Carry/ Concealed Carry
12/21/2019 – Long range precision rifle
11/9-10/2019 – Attending 2 man SWAT competition
10/12-13/2019 – Attending Waco Tactical Fitness Biathlon
10/5/2019 – Competition challenges/training
9/21/2019 – Positional shooting with rifle and pistol
8/23-25/2019 – Attending 2 man CQB Challenge
7/16/2019 – Team drills / Small Unit Tactics